Friday, March 18, 2005

Work, Work, WORK... Posted by Hello

Not much here at Nova other then a ton of work and not enough sleep. I love this job but it sure is hard, Jay hit a sweet 3rd in the Marathon so Podium number Two for the season is in the book...thanks Jungle Jay! 82 mile of blood sweat, and tears!
Ok here are the results from today's TT, now I've gota go to bed so I can finish up and race the Super D, then work on bikes into the dark of night.

Woman's, PRO

1) S. Haywood
2) W. Koerber
3) K. Hanusova
4) A. Dunlap
5) S. Vanlandingham
6) M. McConneloug
7) H. Irmiger
8) M. Thomas
9) K. Sherwin
10) W. Simms
11) Dara Marks-Marino (FORD CYCLING)
14) Kelli Emmett (FORD CYCLING)
17) Sara Bresnick-Zocchi (FORD CYCLING)

Men, PRO

1) G. Kabush
2) A. Craig
3) T. Lowe
4) JHK
5) L. Killeen
6) J. Bishop
7) C. Sheppard
8) S. Taberlay
9) J. Sager
10) T. Wells
22) Amon Pease
23) Jay Henery (FORD CYCLING)

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Bill Deputy said...

Yo Billy,

Thanks for the results! Keep up the great work out there and best of luck with the Super D!

Bill Deputy -