Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Link added...

I just added Nick Martins site to my links. He just updated his site w/ a call in from my roommate Doug Ryden (see past interview). Check this white Rasta out Click Here for the voice update...hehe

Hope all is well, one more week of work for me and 3 moths of play, damn, my life is hard!

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Friday, August 12, 2005

The only thing Wal-Mart is good for!

A few weeks back Mike BLACKmore a.k.a. Blackie (as pictured) and I went Dickies work short shopping. Just an FYI Wal-Mart has the cheapest Dickies work shorts, $15.92 plus TAX buys you any color, any size! Oh back to the story; so we hit the mall with a few useless expenditures (i.e. my new Puma Driving Shoes) and several panic attacks later we end up here…yes, Wal-Mart and one of your best bro's has a silly ass grin buying his first pair of work shorts at the cheapest price possible! As for you fellow travelers if your going to Australia buy as many as you can! Sell them to skate shops, auzzies will pay $100.00AUS for USA designer Dickies work shorts… you do the math, take 15 pairs over with you, sell them to a skate shop for $60.00AUS and clear about 35-40 US, that will pay for ½ your airfare!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kickin some 14er ASS!

Billy atop Mt. Lincoln

Time away from work can only mean one thing, play time! Yesterday at 4:30am I found myself in a barrowed 4x4 (thanks Blackie) on the way to pick up Kelli E to hopefully bag lots of 14er’ arriving at Kite Lake (12,000’) @ 6:00am along with the mind set of “peak baging” Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Lincoln, and Mt. Bross. Yes, it sounds like a lot of hiking but why not, right?

The day was awesome! Early morning hiking (early morning, shoot crack of dawn is more like it), good company, laughing at each other about tripping over rocks while suffering from hypoxia, and doing once again what most people in other states cant! Did I mention how much I love Colorado?

I could never comprehend how cool it was to look down on all the valleys and see eye-to-eye with the other 14er’s in the area, until standing on one of those monster. It was a moment every outdoor loving person with applicable fitness should at least enjoy once in there lifetime. Well for me, I’m hooked! After yesterday I graduated into double digits of 14er’s hiked, yes that now 10 bagged with 43 more to go in Colorado alone.

Kelli "Big E" Emmett atop Mt. Bross

Monday, August 08, 2005


Overall PRO MEN SUPER D standings after round 4
1 Mike West (USA) Maverick
2 Amon Pease (USA) Intense
3 Chris Eatough (USA) Trek/Vw
4 Bryan Fawley (USA) Wheelsinmotion/Kenda
5 Michael Valach (USA)
6 Tom Wehe (USA) Kenda/Norco
7 Ariel Lindsley (USA) Maverick
8 Jiro Nakamura (Jpn) Wtb
9 Troy Heflin (USA) Recycle/Marzocch
10 Billy Holmes (USA) Ford/Specialized

Ah back in Utah once again…

You have to get a kick out of this local Porter!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Note: this picture was stolen from Tony! Tony works Manitou and is a pretty cool mo-fo check out his blog at also it now linked to my site (see right hand link section!).

Now I’m off for yet another 5 weeks of travel, wrenching, and even some ride/racing!

Is pimping easy?
Answer: Yes!
Surprisingly enough that is correct.