Sunday, March 27, 2005

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I keep added more links from my friends. Jeremiah from busted out some sweet pictures of all the pro teams at the NORBA Nat #2 NOVA, lots of hard work for a gravity photographer, he was bummer about no chair lift, no wild parties held by downhillers, but managed to hike 20+ miles, battling rattle snakes to get these top shelf pictures! Nice work Jeremiah!

Ford Specialized Team
Amon Pease (Intense XC) someone to keep an eye on this year!

I just bought my 2004 Yamaha Zuma Scooter but I’ve already grown out of it, I need a Trail Bike badly “no doubt, no doubt at all” so this baby must go! Here is my ebay auction, please pass the link along to help a poor team mechanic get a KTM EXC 250…they aren’t cheap! Hutch finally got his “Pit Bike” a Honda 2005 CRF 50, It’s little but he’s dead set on racing Mini Bike Nationals in Las Vegas! Sunday night after Sea Otter tech is all packed up, maybe around 9:00pm we’re going out to celebrate his birthday, I mean BIG TIME! Stop by and find out the where abouts of the shenanigans Sunday afternoon.

I miss La Salsa…Good thing I fly into Tucson April 6 at dinner time, land, pick up baggage, and straight to LA SALSA!!! Only 10 more days until a tasty Cancun Shrimp Burro. Someone should open a La Salsa in Downtown Colorado Springs.

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