Tuesday, March 22, 2005

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Getting my drive on!

I left the 2nd NORBA Nat Monday to take Sara to the airport and head back down to Tucson where the team is temporally set-up, but for some strange reason I decided I needed to go home and just like that I packed up and started driving 850 miles to Colorado Springs at 2pm! I still have no clue why Monday at 2pm I needed to embark on a 12 hour drive, but nonetheless I'm now at home in my house (insert happy sigh) enjoying some sweet mountain air. Looks like this week is going to be a pretty hectic week; parts orders for Sea Otter, well, mostly some sweet Specialized UST Fast Track S-Works, and then off to Vail for a few days of late season snow...Hummm Tele-skis or Snowboard? Wow it's a tough decision!

I read a quote on Allie Rau's (Pro Woman's Super D winner 2004) email line that is so good I had to post it: "Why are we all in this hand basket and where are we going again?" now that's top shelf! I'm also thinking I need to invoke "post delay" yes it's like "pleasure delay" but my new term for BLOG sites...think about it I cant just keep feeding it everytime a reader wants it, right? I need to hold off a few days and get everyone good and ready.

Thanks to everyone that left beer at the trailer this weekend it's still being used (like as I write this)! Cody Peterson your more then welcome to give me a six pack of Ska Brewing any time you feel like it! Shep, now we're even; guess that's a good trade? Bar ends for a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper?!?! Ford Specialized -1 Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper vs. Haro -1 set Bar Ends, hehehe, Thanks Shep!

And now for the fallen mechanic Marty "Foye" Troute "beds I've slept in this year counter":
- 9 beds to date.
- 0 strange women that I've woken up next too (yes mom that's ZERO).
- 4568 miles driven

OK I'm off to do some serious sleeping.
Thanks for reading!
B Ho

I almost forgot here are some pictures from
David Meyers Photo now posted on the Ford Cycling web site, enjoy.

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