Sunday, March 20, 2005

Racing Super D Pro Mechanic Style!!! Posted by Hello

and that's a wrap!

That's it folks another weekend of mistakes, mayhem, and a long learning process for the "green" mechanic on the circuit. As for the results promised, well thanks to the inefficiency of tabulation for the general classification (come on how can you split a STXC and get an effective tabulation of results) I was tired and called it quits on chasing down results, so I'll give it a try at Sea Otter and see what happens. What makes me really think is that o.k. I'm getting the hang of this whole pro mechanic deal, but now I have 3 months until the next NORBA National, Weird? I mean most of the US is still sitting in a blanket of snow and I'm sure as hell missing some sweet ass tele-skiing in Colorado for this early season race stuff, wow it's really starting to sound like work! Hummm...

Thanks to Phil T for hooking me up with all of my new sweet ass SPY glasses this weekend, John at SRAM for all the tech support out of his mini-van and golf case of parts (you try to smuggle bike parts w/o paying freight charges), all the team mechanics for answering my questions, Hutch for letting me race super d on a work day and even helping me wash bikes in the dark!

Speaking of Super D, let me tell you some places need not hold a Super D event and Nova is now on my list of places that I be hatin for gravity events even though Jeremiah Dean of Dylan Dean Designs stopped by to shoot our team and some of the other XC racers out-ah-suffering in the desert, so check out his site and see what he's got cooking (maybe give it a few days, he's driving back to so-cal). Amon Pease my ex-Intense teammate made his mark in the past 2 NORBA Nats clawing his way into the top 20 rankings, very sweet Amon! Keep up the good work!!!

Here is the list of the woman's XC results (complements of one of our athleats Sara Bresnick-Zocchi):

1) S. Vanlandingham
2) A. Dunlap
3) S. Haywood
4) W. Koerber
5) M. McConnneloug
6) K. Hanusova
7) H. Irmiger
8) M. Thomas
9) L. Bessette
10) J. Smith
11) W. Simms
12) KELLI EMMETT (Ford Cycling)
13) K. Barnholt
14) G. Gould
15) J. Copnall
16) DARA MARKS-MARINO (Ford Cycling)


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JRAD said...

Now that is Super D with style and Smiles!