Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Sunday Thieves

Bummer today we lost everything in our team trailer, that's right everything, YES EVERYTHING! Some thieves decided to clean up the storage facility that our trailer was parked at on Easter Sunday. I'm making an inventory list of everything in the trailer, man its hard to remember how many M5 bolts you have!?!? I'm not sure how Sea Otter will turn out, we have the doors ripped of off our little trailer right now, no bikes, no parts, everything is gone! All my tools and repair stands, they even took my HIKING BOOTS, yes, used stinky hiking boots! So I'll be learning how to reattach trailer doors and OVER ENGINEER the latches! I guess I'm bummer about everything so if you know someone thats a theif please kick a few hundred times for me. I think the next few days are going to be long days once again, so much for my mini vacation, i'll keep you informed as the caper unfolds. I hope to be in much better spirts once I can get to my mobil workshop and evaluate exactlay how much damage repair is needed and hope that our sponsors can choke up some bikes for Sea Otter, my fingers are crossed!

Think I can get by at Sea Otter with a screw driver and Duct-tape?

Tahnks for reading!
B Ho


Jeff Kerkove said...

That "F'n" sucks dude! What the hell is wrong with people? I hope you find these dumbasses and have a chance to run over them a few times with that trail, then light them on fire and run over them again.

Bike Theives are EVIL!!!!

ashwinearl said...

Really sorry to hear that. Best of luck. Duct tape, bailing wire, and a mini tool and you're golden!

Anonymous said...

That really blows. Hope everything works out for getting things back up and running for this weekend. Hopefully somebody can find some steeds for your riders so they can at least race.

- Mike

Ian Stanford said...

Man Billy, that sucks. Those are those moments where you wish you could have caught them in the act and went balistic on them. Thank god you didn't have the rock'in stereo system in there yet.
Well, if you need to buy some used tools and a bunch of Specialized parts I may be able to help you. Just kidding.
Not flipp'in sweet at all. More like a decroded piece of crap to me. Good luck with everything. -Ian Stanford

Guitar Ted said...

What can I say? Keep moving forward, and get it behind you. Bad Karma will be in store for those thieves!

Bill said...

Billy, is there anything I can help out with?

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so sorry to hear it. hang on, buddy, wish you much luck to solve it