Friday, March 25, 2005

Backcountry Posted by Hello

So I'm finally settled into my home environment once again. My plans are simple; relax, do some epic MTB rides, and just enjoy life to it's fullest. But snow stopped my "epic" day, so plan B was set forward with out my knowledge. Blackie called me at NOON and said his day went to shit, he left work early, explained that he needed to blow off some steam and the local watering hole, skeptical, a light weight, and not really willing to piss a day away drinking I said yes. Damn straight it was so much fun! Bars, meeting new people, drinking, dinner at the point, more beers, heckling models, mixed drinks, and even bowling! Good Times, Thanks Blackie!!!

I'm working for a team with really light weight riders (-120lbs) so I've been doing some reasearch on the most important weight to consider in bicycle theory: Un-sprung weight or drive train (Rotational) weight. Here is an interseting artical and Katie Compton's (Womans CX Nat Champion) Dad's web site.

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