Monday, March 14, 2005

Racing and more mud removal...

Sat was a blast in AZ, the 4th stop of the local AZ series and I'm all signed up for an ass whoppin. The day played of with sunny sky's, light wind, and 75 degs of warmth. It couldn't be a better day for some outa' shape mechanic to pedal his ass off and literally float on 2004 fitness and genetics. The AZ single speeders (about 20 of them) where soooo cool, 3 mile fire road start was at a moderate pace, I mean trash talking, no heavy breathing, and no idiots attacking with rpm's that would make a sewing machine envious. I ended up on the podium bubble, that's right 6th, but I went as fast and hard as I could, shoot even Hutch found a way during his warm up to hit the feed zone (his favorite spot) and hand a brother a bottle on a hot AZ day!
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It has been nice watching the pro races so I finished and checked out my 2nd pro race of the season...the Japanese National Team was here, so I had tons of time with the Japanese National Mechanic "Bass Man" shooting the shit in the feed zone during the pro race. Jesse was going pretty damn good that day, 2nd place again to the Japanese (not even going to attempt names) National CX Champ! Nice work Jesse and judging by your jersey I would say maybe you where going pretty damn hard!

Sunday was a Mechanics day:
Detail bikes from the TX Race that was take everything off, yes everything! If it had a bolt holding it on I took it apart. That Damn mud was EVERYWHERE! So after 3 hours per bike they are almost race ready again, well race ready in my eyes, I'm sure they where race ready last week but "Type A" mechanic had to put fresh grease in everything, new chains, new cables, check brk lines for contamination, pull free hub body's off of wheels, and other "Type A" characteristics.

Things I noticed in AZ this week:

  • If your an over weight female with a tan it's ok to wear a shirt 3 sizes too small!

  • Camel Toes are still a fashion statment for some!

***Also, If I have a High Speed Internet connection at NOVA I'll be posting results as soon as the official results arrive...Stay tuned and tell your friends!***

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