Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Day of Rest!

Today is not really a day I'm going to consider productive form a mechanical stand point! I'm hitting some emails, drinking some Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, and laying low at Hutch's house (Tucson, AZ). I guess one thing I've learned form cycling over the past few years is persistence and structure, now that I'm not riding all the time rest days seem obsolete but with anything you need to learn a balance and how to just walk away form your profession for a rest day. Weird, burn out can happen in everything not just cycling, it's in relationships, work, and everyday repetitive life. Adaptation to routine kills me, so here I am tiring my hardest to rest and not work today, but still thinking about what needs to be done for a flawless Nova race is killing me...can anyone say OCD? Perhaps I really do like my job as much as I love cycling and It's hard to take a day off from something you have such a passion for!

On a lighter note: I'm really getting into scooters. I just bought a Yamaha Zuma and am in the process of modifying it, yes that's right I'm modifying a 49.5cc scooter. I've been checking out some sweet pipes and other upgrades at:

And believe it-or-not chicks seem to dig dudes on a scooter, well at least the 18-20 year olds do...Hummm, ok BAD BILLY, BAD!

I've also been checking out other blogs/websites that are interesting. Here is a list of sites I've been checking out:

Jason Sager's BLOG
Don't Mess With TEXAS!

Todd Wells BLOG
Cocky Olympian that Rants about Burritos!

Well, I've gota go cruise the U of A on my scooter, I'm such a DORK!

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