Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Quebec City, Canada “A”?

Travels back from the World Cup Mount-Sainte-Anne. I’m slowly moving back to the states following the Yeti racing truck filled with just about every detour possible, damn Paul Rowney made us stop for 2 hours at the go-kart track yesterday! Bummer.

I’ve been totally neglecting this site due to all the travel and shoty Internet connections, so I’m sorry and I’ll be slowly responding to my emails, please be patient.

On a recap in the past two weeks on the road, shoot I can even begin where to start! Silly parties, lots of work, epic bike rides, seeing all my friends from all over the world, Go-karts every night (fast here in Canada), chilling fishing with team Haro (Mick Hanna and co-worker Rusty), and squeezing in about 100 hours of driving has consumed the majority of my free time! I have some killer pictures so be patient once again and I’ll post them this weekend.

Also get ready for another pro rider interview… Kelli Emmett. That should be up by next week, along with miles traveled, and the “Foye Troute” beds I’ve slept in the year counter.

Friday, June 17, 2005

The world’s fastest update…

Yes, I have almost no time to update this silly BLOG right now, but I assume some people would like to know what’s going on with my travels and me. So I had my first few days with Haro, wow what a sweet team to work for!

Today after a 15 hour work day the results where clear!

Cody 1st place Pro Slolom
Shamas 5th TT
Shep 8th TT

Yes I’ve got to go sleep, sleep, and well sleep for 6 hours. I can’t wait for the 50-hour drive to Mont-Saint-Anne Sunday night.

Oh also nice work to the 3-d boys 2 in the top 10 in the TT (nice work Cody Peaterson!!!).

Take Care

Sunday, June 12, 2005

What does one do with 3 months of his/her life?

Well I’m almost ready to leave town for the summer. I forgot how much of a pain in the ass traveling as a cyclist is, let alone a cyclist/mechanic. I’m bringing too much stuff but it’s all needed, I think, I mean for real; bikes, tools, work stand, clothing for riding and casual…damn this is turning into a lot of stuff! I’m off to SRAM in the morning to drop off a ton of crap to be transported to the race venue then flying out to Park City to get started working for Haro! Woo-hoo! Thanks John Dawson for hooking a brother up and taking all my stuff to the race, IOU big time!

Jason Sager thanks for keeping us updated with the D-Town gossip it’s now a daily favorite site to read, wonder how all this blog stuff is going to pan-out once the season really starts? I hope I can keep everyone informed of results and my good times while traveling the country? My fingers are crossed.

Check out this sick ass moto JUMP!!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Humbled XC Convert!

Angle Fire World Cup DH Course

Damn, that was a hard race! I made it, no broken bones, contusions, concussions, etc.,. Practice damn near killed me, my little ass forearms kept giving out from the death grip I was putting on that 40lb DH rig. I mean come on were hitting 45+mph on the straights and pinning it into the woods, holy poo-poo, it was fast! Thanks to my boy Blackie for getting me all hooked up with CSR (Colorado Springs Racing), yes, I’m hooked on the gravity racing!

My friend Josh Powers (another SKINNY little XC racer) is in town Chillin at my house for the week. Josh and I get like little kids when we see each other (well more so then normal), so last night we decide to light off fireworks in Downtown Colorado Springs! Bad Idea, Really BAD IDEA! We finished when we where chased by pissed off neighbors and then questioned by the local authorities. Fun? Sure it was Josh and I talked our way out of the confrontation with “the Man” claiming AZ and MI stupidity. Good Times!

We’ve also narrowed down the calculation for how wide an ass can be before it’s too large… The calculation is simple, take ones torso length (shoulders to mid back) and then measure the ass in question? Thus resulting if final measurement (ass width) is grater then ones torso measurement, well you gots one large ass!