Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Kelli Focused at STXC NORBA Nat #1 Posted by Hello

Nice work Amon Pease (my ex Intense teammate from 2004) 29th over all at the first NORBA Nat...see what happens when you don't stand on your feet all day long working on bikes. NICE WORK!

Hutch and I did a sweet ass 2 hour MTB ride at Fantasy Island, GOT DAMN that old dude (kidding) is fit and really starting to show some real Masters Expert form! Watch-out all you 44-49 experts that cat is going to win the National STXC!!! Too bad he has to race against the 30-39 Experts, but Hutch still says "Fuck-It" I'll put those young bitches in the pain cave, that means you too David (Ford Cycling $$$ Man) even though he told Hutch "I'll Kick your ass at Nova" (in the STXC) oh it's on with management at Ford Cycling. Stay tuned for updates on the fist-ah-cuffs at Nova Desert Classic.

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