Monday, December 12, 2005

broken clavicle + plate w/6 screws + surgery = 2 months of boredom!

It's not going to be a long entry, because typing w/ my left hand is taking forever!

It's been 4 days since surgery and today was my post operation check-up so all I can think of is a special thanks list to everyone that helped me over the past week.

-Allison Dunlap thanks for hooking me up with Dr. Weinstein of Premier Orthopedics (719) 570-7272 he truly is the best shoulder Dr. EVER!

-Kelli Emmett and Koryn Stoner for checking up on me and taking really good care of an old guy.

-My roommate Dougie for surrendering his portion of our living room for my make-shift recovery room/bed room.

-Mom, Dad, and my Sister for calling everyday to make sure everything is ok, and even my dad who would have jumped on a jet to come help for a few days!

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