Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mud, Mud, MUD!!!

Ding, Ding, Ding Round 1 of the NORBA National MTB series is now officially in the books and as a mechanic it was an uneventful race, wait that's not to say I didn't bust my ass working 10-14 hour days, but all 4 of my athletes bikes held together and for the most part they worked flawless with the exception of what my friend Jesse Rients said "its like riding in POOP SOUP" and that poop soup hindered a few things, but we prevailed w/o a mechanical! Jay Henery is now my new idol for racing the "Iron Chamois" event, that cat not only raced the 3 day MTB stage race, but added a 62 mile MTB Marathon race a few hours before the start of the National Stage Race...Now I understand why I always finished 10-15 minutes behind him in XC, He's and ANIMAL; guess that's how you get a nick name like "Jungle Jay". Nice work!

A good friend of mine Foye Troute (former Shimano USA Multi Service) once sent me updates from the road, like how many different beds he stayed in, so in the way gangsters pour a little 40 oz on the ground for fallen BRO's I'm going to keep a running log of different beds I've stayed in for good ol' Foye who is now sitting at a desk working for American Cycling Group! Here it is Foye! 7 different beds as of the New Year, but I haven't woken up with any strange women yet asking myself "What in the hell did I do last night?".

As far as meeting really cool people in the industry, well I cant believe how helpful the other seasoned mechanics are. Nothing but love, thanks Fisher, Trek, Rocky, Kona, Specialized, Shimano, and all of the cool cats at SRAM! Plus Chris Davidson your a rock-star in my book for adding cool stuff about me and the team on your cyclingnews.com blog...


As for me...well I cant get the racing bug out of my system, so I'll be going out for round 2 of my ass whoopin' at the next AZ state race in the one-speed class, look out "big air DJ" (DJ is the new Innovations rep and one hell of a good single speeder). So I'll be sure to update you on the can of ass whoopin' I open on myself! I'll also have some pictures posted this week form the travels to and from the National including a sweet MULLET that I found in Ozona, TX. WOW!


Take Care,
B Ho

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