Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bling Bling? Posted by Hello

This pic was submitted by Pimp Master D (pictured right) to tell you all that alone is actually the original gangsta. The concept of being the original gangsta traces its routes to the same concept of establishing dominance. One way of doing this is by advertising one's street cred or primacy in the wigger chain. By letting it be known that he was a gangster long before his friend, he then assumes the highest rank within the hierarchy of his particular crew (a claim further articulated by the assumption of the name "Pimp Master D"). The cell phone, pager, and rolled up pant leg (Pimp Masters don't get their legs caught in bicycle chains) tell us that he isn't lying, he's a dangerous man indeed.

And on that note check out Iced Out Gear and uhhhhhh?

Pro Hostel

nomadic cyclist Jesse Rients Posted by Hello

Tonight my friend Jesse Rients stopped by on his nomadic venture to Nebraska or someplace like that?!?! I’m not quite sure what Nebraska has to offer a climber but Jesse’s going. If you’re ever in Colorado Springs be sure to stop by Michelle’s on Tejon and buy homemade chocolate by the piece or the pound, we did and it was oh so worth it. Now he’s all sorts of pissed because it was in the 80’s when he left Tucson this morning and now we’re showing signs of snow tonight.

I had an interesting phone conversation with a rock star of a young lady tonight when the topic of dog poopy came up and I had the immaturity of laughing about it and continuing to keep on heckling her about it for several minutes, damn I wish I didn’t have such a 12 year old mentality!!! The cool thing is that she didn’t hang up on me, hummm?

My new tools will be arriving thanks to Reese at Pro Cycling in Colorado Springs, that cat is a life saver! Thanks Reese for hooking a brother up.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Finally an update!

Kickin' it at Sea Otter. Posted by Hello

Ok it’s been quite some time since I last updated this, so here’s the lighter side of the past two weeks on the road:

Foye was on the way to pick me for Sea Otter and got STRANDED in Falcon Colorado (the Blizzard of 05), rescued by El Paso County Search and Rescue, slept on a floor at the Falcon Fire station, and all about 10 miles from my house. Foye had the best response ever “now I can say I was stranded overnight by a blizzard”.

Sea Otter was a hit I got a new job…oh I forgot to tell everyone that I left the Ford/Specialized team and moved over to Haro, so all of you that where going to stop by the Ford Specialized team trailer and say Hi well they do have another mechanic named Billy, but this Billy is now at HARO.

While at Sea Otter I had the privilege of working on two ladies bikes that made the switch from the pavement to dirt, Megan Elliot and Lyne Bessette where some of the easiest athletes to work for ever! I changed tires and fixed forks in return for cookies and brownies! Thanks Ladies.

I ventured to San Francisco, CA after Sea Otter and that is one cool ass town, tons of people riding around on Fixed Gear bikes (aka fixies), bars dedicated to cyclists, every type of cuisine that one could imagine, along with some sweet ass shops!

I left Frisco on Wed morning via the California Zephyr Amtrak Train and arrived in Denver late Thursday night. It was a novel concept seeing that I don’t start work until June and it was only $82.00 to go the full distance. So I’m counting the longer/chair that I slept in as a bed for my counter, so here is my final tally for the 2005 season.

Foye Troute "beds I've slept in this year counter":
- 14 different beds.
- 7748 miles driven and traveled via train

Friday I seized the top end of my moto up at the track so I’ll have to repair that with my screw driver and duct tape…so who knows about KTM 2 stroke engines? Also the Colorado Cyclist is still looking for a few good people, so what if you have to relocate to work in Coloraod Springs, apply now!

I complied some pictures from my 2004 race season on the Intense Factory XC Team, check it out on the links section!

Take Care,
B Ho

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Wednesday Night? Right? And we're doing what? Again? OK

All I gota say is Blackie did it again! At NOON I get a text stating “it’s on tonight” and sure enough with a little coaching form the notorious BLACKIE I’m wandering downtown Colorado Springs drinking pictures of cheap draft beer and drunk enough to be friends with everyone that I meet in my path, pathetic, but funny nonetheless! Somehow we ended up at (and Josh P your going to love this one) the Navaho Hogon (sorry I may have spelled it wrong) for COLLEGE NIGHT!!! Oh yeah my alter ego and me left alone on the dance floor with nothing but college grils, ummm I had a good time, didn’t you Blackie?

Looks like it might be on again tonight, so I had better go ride off last night calories so I don’t start looking like a mechanic!?!?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I got an ass whoopin on the new moto! I cant believe how much more muscle you need to ride a motorcycle for hours on end. I mean it’s not even close to the cardio that a mountain bike can give you, but damn that 230lb trail bike after 2 hours of riding starts to tear your body apart. Don’t get me wrong I’m a 130lb scrawny little MTBer and have no upper body. Yes I chickened out of the Hare Scramble and for good reasons, I’m just to weak to ride wide open for 2-3 hours as of now, yes ever so Humbled, but I’m planning on doing my first one on May 17!

Big E Suffering at Redalnds, OUCH!!! Posted by Hello

I finally got home to ride with my favorite riding partner Kelli (Big E) Emmett today, she called me up for a 1.5-2 hour ride in the rain, 30+MPH head winds, and just plain old crappy ridding conditions. It never fails to turn into an epic with that girl, but nonetheless is was a hoot, good laughs, going down memory lane (back in 99) and other fun times!

Well just the tip of the Iceberg on this note and then more later: Those of you that where going to stop by and say “what’s ah happenin” at Sea Otter, well I’ve had a location change, yes same venue, but with a different company…Stop by LiteSpeed and see myself and the infamous Foye Troute, yes the same man as stated in the "Foye" Troute "beds I've slept in this year counter"! Should be some damn goodtimes and one hell of a trip! Foye and I havent traveled together in quite a while, so deffinantly stay tuned as I will have my camera ready for what ever comes our way! Entrigued?