Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Inspired by change…

Chillin at home w/nothin better to do then bunny hop trash cans...

I’m getting everything ready for a mini road trip down to Angle Fire, NM. I’ve converted from a Pro XC racer to DH/mechanic and have managed to bust 2 ribs and tear some stuff in my shoulder (yes that’s the technical jargon for: fucking myself up!) in a short period of time, but the packing for DH is so different compared to XC! When I was doing the XC gig I would train and managed time to pack, now dirt jumping and silly little intervals take up much less time, I have an abundance of free time to ponder…Hummm, maybe I could do an XC ride then hit dirt jumps and still make it downtown to meet up with friends for a burrito? Easy street right? Almost!

Please keep in mind that over the years of XC racing I’ve managed one useless trade that only XC racers can manage to pull off! It’s TIME MISMANAGEMENT. So I’ve got a list of stuff that needs to be done before I embark on one of my first DH race endeavors (I hope I get everthing done):

Pick up Keg of cheap beer
Build up new 4X bike
Pack all riding gear (I assume I need to pack more then just SPANDEX, right?)
Pack Tools and Stand
Pick up spare parts (that’s right I have 2 days of practice to destroy parts and hurt myself before race day)
Buy a serious first aid kit w/suture kit (plus lots of ADVIL)
Bring 40lb DH Bike and 30lb 4X Bile

No wonder all the DHer’s have big Pick Up Trucks…damn that’s a lot of Shit to carry around!

P.S. If my employers at Haro are reading this I promise to be CAREFULL, yes it’s a long season and you don’t need a mechanic in a body cast :-)

Thank you to my Billy Holmes Fan Club local Colorado Springs 80907 for the picture! That was a fun night! Maybe one more fun filled night before I leave for the summer?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

YES! www.wanderingwrench.com is now mine!

link my new site URL biatch...

A first ever Wandering Wrench interview with my roommate and Pro XC Racer Doug Ryden!

Judging by Doug’s pain face, He’s ALL Business!

Wandering Wrench: Which athlete do you most admire, respect?
Doug: Probably The Champ, big Al Dunlap. She’s just a badass, even if she is a girl.

WW: What’s it like being Teammates with Kathy Legg (I mean Katey Compton)?
DCR: That girl has more talent than a football player has ego. SHE A BAD FUTHERMUCKER. The only drawback is feeling like you’re descending really well, looking back and seeing a girl about to crawl up your asshole on her bike.

WW: Favorite Porn Site, Pictures or Videos?
http://www.labatidora.net/ photos. Havent found one for video; havent really looked.

WW: What makes you angry or frustrated?
Def Con: Contradiction.

Wrench: Do you live at home? Or on your own?
Guy that I’m interviewing: I live at home, but not with my parents, nor alone. My roomate is some dick ex-racer with a goddamn blog.

Dick w/a BLOG: Have you ever shagged a MTB chick?
My Gay Roommate: You mean from the team, or a girl that rides mtn bikes? Yes for the mtbiker, no for the team.

WW: Are there any guys you race against that you wouldn't mind punching in the face-or do you just like everyone?
That guy again: Bitch slap, yes. Outright punch, no.

WW: Has there ever been a defining moment where you said to yourself "Man, I am a fast mutha focker!"?
4:20 said: Usually around 4:25 I seem to think that.

Wandering: When was your first MTB race, where, what did you ride, class, result, the feeling driving home?
Stony Bologna: Bananna belt loop, Salida CO. 1991. 2nd pl under 18 category (before they seperated juniors into categories) I was 15. Rolled in a SWEET mesh jersey, hardshell bell helmet, hiking boots, khaki hiking shorts, toe clips, canti’s, moto levers, fully rigid steel, baby. On the way home I was jealous that I couldn’t have any beer like all the other racers, but I gave mine to my dad, who drove me to the race.

Interviewer: What kind of car do you drive?
Intervieweeee: Bobby D. aka. ’98 Plymouth Neon.

WW: Favorite place to hangout (besides home)?
Bla bla bla: Single track.

Wrench: Have you ever passed out from being drunk?
Doug: Not this week, and not while riding, but I wont say about last week or the week before that, and I seem to be able to dismount while still concious.
Rebuttal: LIAR!

WW: Who would win in a real fight between Danny Pate and Todd Wells? Why? Speculation: The Pate. I don’t know t.w. real well, but I could just see d.p. goin’ ape shit. Plus he’s got all those jelly bellies. Those things are like crack.

WW: If you saw George W Bush in the woods while on a MTB ride, what would you do?
PC Guy: I reserve the right to not answer this as there is still a law on the books where any citizen can go to jail for even Speaking about harming the president.

Wandering Wrench: Who is Greg Frozley? And why is he so mysterious?
Dougie: You mean MISTER Alison Dunlap?!!!? He’s kinda like Ned Overend, Craig Kelly, and some really famous Norwegian who is a super good telemarker and skate skiier, all wraped up in one fabulous husband of a world champ and probable father of said world champ’s children. As for the mystery, it can be simply explained in the attached photo (beardedfrozley_fun)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mid-West Swing

Jesse Rients is now a Mid-West farmer/Pro XC Racer with his new Massey Ferguson MX180 all wheel drive Tractor. By the looks of that picture he’s a “Tillin Tough Guy”, I wonder if he’ll be showing up in Park City in a Straw Hat?

Monday, May 23, 2005

More Mischief

Susan (the hot girl on the left picture) sent me some more pictures of the XC Convert out on the town last weekend. Thanks Susan!

How can I even begin to describe my last few weeks until I leave for the summer to work with Haro?

Everything has been eventful, not just the bars, but the riding, friends, etc.

Friday starts out on a WARM Colorado day at a local Pizza joint for lunch, Chillin, watching all the ladies in summer clothing and just enjoying the day with Blackie. When out of nowhere the voice of reason is heard! “Lets go golfing”. I think for like 2 seconds, and reply “goLfin”? He knows I’m down with a reply like that and before I know it “it’s on” we’re renting a golf cart, clubs, buying golf balls, and ready! MORE GOLF PICTURES HERE

I have tons more, but I need to ship out all the ebay stuff from last week! STAY TUNED!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

What can I say...

This weekend has been sick and It's only Sat afternoon! More to come sunday night or monday morn. -B Ho

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Will cycling ever incorporate the GOOD GAME attitude?

In all probability NOT, but it sure is a funny concept, damn that was a sweet ride today…GOOD GAME (followed by slapping your bros ass). Just think of the endless possibilities, we’ve tried this in Colorado Springs on the Pub Crawl presented by Jon Hurley and the reaction form innocent bystanders is priceless. Posted by Hello

Post Road Ride: This usually happens at the coffee shop or local downtown (high exposure) location, roll up to your spandex clad riding partner, holla “good game” improvise on the rest, starbucks is my favorite place to give a good game!

Post Sweet DH single track: Probably the most “risky” of GOOD GAMES, especially in fall (i.e. Huntin season), most of our DH runs end in multi use public parking sections, a wonderful gathering spot for local hunters. Roll up to your bro in front of a 280lb deer hunter w/small varmint killin hand cannon, and slap a GOOD GAME on your riding partner…hella weird looks!

Skate/BMX Park: I need someone to report this action its uncharted territory as of now...

***Please note: If you or your "GOOD GAME" friend(s) are homophobic this type of shenanigans may be unacceptable, so please consult the other party to prepare for any unforeseen incidents.

Jason Sager thanks for linking my site to yours, also I’ll try and work on my spelling and grammar…

Friday, May 13, 2005

Check out Engrish

Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I got an email from Haro today and it looks like the “XC convert” is getting a new bike, not just a bike, but a dirt jumping, tail whipping sweet ass Nyquist Pro! Thanks again Jill.

This weekend was totally chill, thanks to Mike Blackmore for loaning me the sweetest bike ever for the weekend, I mean people couldn’t believe how dope (yes the word dope was just used) this ride was, carbon this, 2006 pre-production that, and a white frame, he’s so cocky with his bikes! Thanks Blackie!!!

I got some new MUSIC this week from AzureRay, Title: Hold on Love, it’s damn good for unwinding after a hard day of play, check out some free downloads at Saddle Creek Records or go to Azure Ray.

Danny Pate dropped off some SOUR Jelly Belly’s this weekend something about getting 30lbs of Jelly Beans from the team per month??? Damn they are tasty, but I’m not sure 30lbs are a feasible amount. Thanks Danny!

Looks like my Screw Driver and Duct Tape days are no longer in existence. I just bought a new Pedros Tool kit, Ultimate Stand, and went all out at Sears snatching up all sorts of Craftsman products, only 4 more weeks until I hit the open road with Rusty (the other team Mechanic) and a 31” trailer in search of NORBA National races! Should be a blast… Thanks to Reese at Pro Cycling in Colorado Springs for letting me wholesale the parts, I owe you big time, thanks again.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


My super cool new boss Jill Hamilton (Marketing Coordinator/BMX Team Manager, Haro Bicycles) sent this to me, so I thought I would pass it on!

Team Haro rider, Mick Hannah, has again taken second at the Lisbon Downtown event in Portugal, the world’s only international Urban Downhill invitational event.

After his introduction to the event last year, Hannah was keen to again test out the tight, twisting streets of Lisbon.

"It is just such a blast," said Hannah, "The crowd is right in your face and it is so fast in some of the sections. I love coming here and can't wait to bring Tracey (Hannah) over next year"

Hannah had to settle for the same result as last year, with second place to four-time winner Steve Peat.

"I only brought over the .357 Magnum 9" bike to Europe as I had to trim down the amount I took over, so it was perhaps a little overkill for this course (Hannah rode his Werx-7 last year), but I just love the bike so much that it wasn't a problem."

Final Results were:

1 Steve Peat 1.31.994
2 Mick Hannah 1.33.819
3 Greg Minaar 1.33.922

Hannah will now head to Australia for a week before making his way back to the US to complete the international season.

Mick Hannah and the entire Haro Team are generously supported by Manitou, Shimano, Thor, Sun-Ringle, Bell Helmets, Selle Italia, and Easton.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

My roommate Doug and I decided to organize our garage tonight; weird I think I need to sell a few bikes! 2 dudes and 20+ bikes? Posted by Hello

Friday, May 06, 2005

Post Cinco De Mayo spins? Seis De Mayo SUX!

I woke up at about noon just thought I should be in…hold on that’s a NWA song?!?! Strike that! I started the day with hitting Denver on a spur of the moment decision, my car less friend needed to do some biz up at the “mile high” city, so I gave him a ride, Damn that place is BIG, sure you get a view of the mountains but they are forever away. My only stipulation was that I needed to be home by 4:30 to sell my old motorcycle, and then be on the bike heading to Palmer Park by 5:10. After doing what I now call a “power sale” with the moto, you know very short precise answers, let the guy think I had no personality (“I have people skill damn-it”, sorry office space quote) but needed get that biatch loaded in his truck and the CSAH MONEY so I could go play!

On time at Palmer Park I started picking up people to ride with during the ride. Jason Weber the best frame painter a Spectrum , Shari, Steph “PR Chick” form MTBchick.com , some dude named Doug, and JJ Simon doing shuttle runs on his DH bike, damn he’s fast! How could the day get better after 2.5 hours of playing on MTB’s? Wait I still had to hook up with Blackie and that fool had text me twice while out riding. The first was “cuz it’s on” followed by “Ur gonna need a lampshade” WTF? That Caucasian doesn’t play around! We hit a local hang out “V Bar” in downtown COS with Drew, Phil, Blackie, Doug, Steph, and Kelly (the new girl in town) After a $300.00 bar tab, it was on, and over, now I’m in the pain cave awaiting my ride to the Moto track, Fridays at the track are so damn good! Maybe I’ll get to chill with Scuba the coolest dog in the springs?

Take Care,B Ho

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dirt Jumps and Skate Park!

and my feet from the train trip Posted by Hello

Back to my roots! I spent the majority of yesterday at the Goose Gossage Skateboard Park and Dirt Jumps, memories of my roots. I started racing BMX at the young age of 4, my dad would hold my rear wheel between his legs at the gate to prevent a little guy from falling over, that’s where this two-wheeled passion all started and never ended! Jeremiah Bishop once told me when you get burned out take some time and go for a long MTB ride on your favorite trail to get back to your roots, well Jeremiah it works if you play on a little 20” BMX bike also (at least for me). So now I’ve got some more dirt jumping to do and maybe a BMX race on Sat at the local track and another long MTB ride to get totally back to my roots!

Tonight is the Colorado Springs Pub Crawl presented by Jon Hurley, something about wearing “red” as a theme (we have a theme on the first Thur of EVERY month), I’m pretty innovative so I’ll just dress up in my red hoodie and call it a night, that is until blackie gets off of work then “it’s on”.

This weekend is the Fruita fat Tire Festival and Nathrop MX Race and Local BMX race… I think I can do everything, drive 5 hours to Fruita, ride, drive 5 hours back to Colorado Springs, rest (sleep), race BMX on Sat, then drive on Sunday to Nathrop for the MX race? Maybe I should trim the schedule a bit?

Foye thanks for the "drunkie" BBQ call. I miss you brother!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

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