Friday, March 11, 2005

The kid in this pic is hating life, but if you look down the line its pretty much all shits and giggles to everyone but the kid that's next, maybe he's thinking "damn that was some funny shit about 5 kids ago, but now it's my turn...this sucks"! That's still cracking me up! Posted by Hello

From: Jake "Snake" Rubelt

"first things first. You got to get a hold of all the girls skin suits and sew those arms down a bit tighter on those girls." "that flappy skin suit looks slow and ridiculous. hahahahah" "Time for the team mechanic to bust out the sewing kit" Harsh Snake, HARSH! Although maybe I can use my new safety wire kit?!?! Cocky cat 1 Rodies always worried about how they look!

Does anyone know about mini-motos? Hutch is on a full blown mission to buy a Honda CRF 50 for the stock class at Mini-Nats held in Vegas! I'm started thinking why in the hell would a grown man want to ride a little kids moto? Then I realized that in Colorado Springs (my home) we have some of the sweetest "pixie" or pit-bike races on 16" bikes and a Thursday night bar crawl completely dedicated to the bikes we first pedaled. So now the question is becoming more and more apparent that once you reach a certain age you regress back to your childhood, Now I'm no psyche major, but some of us just cant grow up (yes that means me) and for Hutch he's jonesing for a pit bike! So If you have any good leads on where to get a good deal on a Honda CRF50 drop me a line!

News Flash...Looks like David (Ford Cycling $$$ man) has retracted his "I'm gona kick yo ass" statement from Hutch in the up and coming STXC at NOVA, maybe that last post about us riding out a Fantasy Island made him think what he really got himself into? As snake would say "PAIN CAVE"! Now I'm pretty sure if I keep harassing my boss on my Blog I'll be looking for a new job so the disclaimer will read...ummm...just kidding David?

Ok now I have to go prepare for the Single Speed race out at Gardner Canyon, AZ tomorrow...Wait what do you do to prepare for a single speed race? Check the gears over? Maybe I'll just hit La Salsa and get a few beers with my burrito!

B Ho

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