Friday, May 06, 2005

Post Cinco De Mayo spins? Seis De Mayo SUX!

I woke up at about noon just thought I should be in…hold on that’s a NWA song?!?! Strike that! I started the day with hitting Denver on a spur of the moment decision, my car less friend needed to do some biz up at the “mile high” city, so I gave him a ride, Damn that place is BIG, sure you get a view of the mountains but they are forever away. My only stipulation was that I needed to be home by 4:30 to sell my old motorcycle, and then be on the bike heading to Palmer Park by 5:10. After doing what I now call a “power sale” with the moto, you know very short precise answers, let the guy think I had no personality (“I have people skill damn-it”, sorry office space quote) but needed get that biatch loaded in his truck and the CSAH MONEY so I could go play!

On time at Palmer Park I started picking up people to ride with during the ride. Jason Weber the best frame painter a Spectrum , Shari, Steph “PR Chick” form , some dude named Doug, and JJ Simon doing shuttle runs on his DH bike, damn he’s fast! How could the day get better after 2.5 hours of playing on MTB’s? Wait I still had to hook up with Blackie and that fool had text me twice while out riding. The first was “cuz it’s on” followed by “Ur gonna need a lampshade” WTF? That Caucasian doesn’t play around! We hit a local hang out “V Bar” in downtown COS with Drew, Phil, Blackie, Doug, Steph, and Kelly (the new girl in town) After a $300.00 bar tab, it was on, and over, now I’m in the pain cave awaiting my ride to the Moto track, Fridays at the track are so damn good! Maybe I’ll get to chill with Scuba the coolest dog in the springs?

Take Care,B Ho

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