Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A first ever Wandering Wrench interview with my roommate and Pro XC Racer Doug Ryden!

Judging by Doug’s pain face, He’s ALL Business!

Wandering Wrench: Which athlete do you most admire, respect?
Doug: Probably The Champ, big Al Dunlap. She’s just a badass, even if she is a girl.

WW: What’s it like being Teammates with Kathy Legg (I mean Katey Compton)?
DCR: That girl has more talent than a football player has ego. SHE A BAD FUTHERMUCKER. The only drawback is feeling like you’re descending really well, looking back and seeing a girl about to crawl up your asshole on her bike.

WW: Favorite Porn Site, Pictures or Videos?
Dougie: photos. Havent found one for video; havent really looked.

WW: What makes you angry or frustrated?
Def Con: Contradiction.

Wrench: Do you live at home? Or on your own?
Guy that I’m interviewing: I live at home, but not with my parents, nor alone. My roomate is some dick ex-racer with a goddamn blog.

Dick w/a BLOG: Have you ever shagged a MTB chick?
My Gay Roommate: You mean from the team, or a girl that rides mtn bikes? Yes for the mtbiker, no for the team.

WW: Are there any guys you race against that you wouldn't mind punching in the face-or do you just like everyone?
That guy again: Bitch slap, yes. Outright punch, no.

WW: Has there ever been a defining moment where you said to yourself "Man, I am a fast mutha focker!"?
4:20 said: Usually around 4:25 I seem to think that.

Wandering: When was your first MTB race, where, what did you ride, class, result, the feeling driving home?
Stony Bologna: Bananna belt loop, Salida CO. 1991. 2nd pl under 18 category (before they seperated juniors into categories) I was 15. Rolled in a SWEET mesh jersey, hardshell bell helmet, hiking boots, khaki hiking shorts, toe clips, canti’s, moto levers, fully rigid steel, baby. On the way home I was jealous that I couldn’t have any beer like all the other racers, but I gave mine to my dad, who drove me to the race.

Interviewer: What kind of car do you drive?
Intervieweeee: Bobby D. aka. ’98 Plymouth Neon.

WW: Favorite place to hangout (besides home)?
Bla bla bla: Single track.

Wrench: Have you ever passed out from being drunk?
Doug: Not this week, and not while riding, but I wont say about last week or the week before that, and I seem to be able to dismount while still concious.
Rebuttal: LIAR!

WW: Who would win in a real fight between Danny Pate and Todd Wells? Why? Speculation: The Pate. I don’t know t.w. real well, but I could just see d.p. goin’ ape shit. Plus he’s got all those jelly bellies. Those things are like crack.

WW: If you saw George W Bush in the woods while on a MTB ride, what would you do?
PC Guy: I reserve the right to not answer this as there is still a law on the books where any citizen can go to jail for even Speaking about harming the president.

Wandering Wrench: Who is Greg Frozley? And why is he so mysterious?
Dougie: You mean MISTER Alison Dunlap?!!!? He’s kinda like Ned Overend, Craig Kelly, and some really famous Norwegian who is a super good telemarker and skate skiier, all wraped up in one fabulous husband of a world champ and probable father of said world champ’s children. As for the mystery, it can be simply explained in the attached photo (beardedfrozley_fun)

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