Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dirt Jumps and Skate Park!

and my feet from the train trip Posted by Hello

Back to my roots! I spent the majority of yesterday at the Goose Gossage Skateboard Park and Dirt Jumps, memories of my roots. I started racing BMX at the young age of 4, my dad would hold my rear wheel between his legs at the gate to prevent a little guy from falling over, that’s where this two-wheeled passion all started and never ended! Jeremiah Bishop once told me when you get burned out take some time and go for a long MTB ride on your favorite trail to get back to your roots, well Jeremiah it works if you play on a little 20” BMX bike also (at least for me). So now I’ve got some more dirt jumping to do and maybe a BMX race on Sat at the local track and another long MTB ride to get totally back to my roots!

Tonight is the Colorado Springs Pub Crawl presented by Jon Hurley, something about wearing “red” as a theme (we have a theme on the first Thur of EVERY month), I’m pretty innovative so I’ll just dress up in my red hoodie and call it a night, that is until blackie gets off of work then “it’s on”.

This weekend is the Fruita fat Tire Festival and Nathrop MX Race and Local BMX race… I think I can do everything, drive 5 hours to Fruita, ride, drive 5 hours back to Colorado Springs, rest (sleep), race BMX on Sat, then drive on Sunday to Nathrop for the MX race? Maybe I should trim the schedule a bit?

Foye thanks for the "drunkie" BBQ call. I miss you brother!

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Donut said...

I think you should ride to "Keep it real" Sweet shoes!