Monday, May 23, 2005

How can I even begin to describe my last few weeks until I leave for the summer to work with Haro?

Everything has been eventful, not just the bars, but the riding, friends, etc.

Friday starts out on a WARM Colorado day at a local Pizza joint for lunch, Chillin, watching all the ladies in summer clothing and just enjoying the day with Blackie. When out of nowhere the voice of reason is heard! “Lets go golfing”. I think for like 2 seconds, and reply “goLfin”? He knows I’m down with a reply like that and before I know it “it’s on” we’re renting a golf cart, clubs, buying golf balls, and ready! MORE GOLF PICTURES HERE

I have tons more, but I need to ship out all the ebay stuff from last week! STAY TUNED!!!