Monday, September 05, 2005

Wander on...

Ahhhh its over! The NORBA series has come to a wonderful rest and seeing that I have Canadian athletes, well, I don’t have to attend National Championships! So my season is almost over?!?! What to do with every waking hour free to myself? Oh I can find something.

Humm here’s a recap to my season:

Number of Miles driven to date: 24,785

Number of Beds I’ve slept in: 41

Number of 12 packs of fresca bought to date: 22

Number of Red Bull lights consumed to “NOT FALL ASLEEP Driving": 43

Number of nights spent in the hospital: 1

Number of days I hated my job: NONE

I truly hope to do it again next year! Now I’m going to take some time to myself and compile some more useless ramble for this site, so please stay tuned it’s only getting better! Now I’m off to bag another 14er, Viva La OFF SEASON!

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Anonymous said...

Keep the blogging's great to see what the otherside of the bike looks like.