Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Quebec City, Canada “A”?

Travels back from the World Cup Mount-Sainte-Anne. I’m slowly moving back to the states following the Yeti racing truck filled with just about every detour possible, damn Paul Rowney made us stop for 2 hours at the go-kart track yesterday! Bummer.

I’ve been totally neglecting this site due to all the travel and shoty Internet connections, so I’m sorry and I’ll be slowly responding to my emails, please be patient.

On a recap in the past two weeks on the road, shoot I can even begin where to start! Silly parties, lots of work, epic bike rides, seeing all my friends from all over the world, Go-karts every night (fast here in Canada), chilling fishing with team Haro (Mick Hanna and co-worker Rusty), and squeezing in about 100 hours of driving has consumed the majority of my free time! I have some killer pictures so be patient once again and I’ll post them this weekend.

Also get ready for another pro rider interview… Kelli Emmett. That should be up by next week, along with miles traveled, and the “Foye Troute” beds I’ve slept in the year counter.

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