Wednesday, July 06, 2005

“now that’s anything”

Bush Diving???

I got to go home for 3 nights and brought a maniac along with me…life on the road is just too damn funny! I’ve been all over North America in the past two weeks, something like 100 hours of driving in 10 days! One thing that I’ve learned is Holiday Inn Express has free Wi-Fi and Cinnamon Rolls, how can one beat that? Plus all the rooms look the same so it’s like a bedroom you never left, “now that’s anything” (that was a Paul Rowney-ism)!

Oh here is a picture of one of my new passions “bush diving”, yes it’s dangerous, and has the potential to yield major dismemberment, well probably just an itchy rash or small abrasion but damn it I’m a risk taker at heart.

Thanks to all my friends that came out for my few nights in the COS! It’s good to have quality friends that you look forward to coming home to see; sure I’m chattering in code! Blah blah blah.

Things that I’ve seen in the past 2 weeks:

A random trucker chasing his “Big Rig” down the HWY. Note: always check the parking brake on the Haro rig so we don’t have to deal with that mess!

Rusty passing everyone in his go-kart backwards, yes, backwards. Well he did manage to spin out of control passing 3 of us on the outside of a 180 deg turn and stuffed the kart into a ditch!

A tank driving down the interstate w/a cannon attached to it?!?! Weird!

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