Thursday, April 07, 2005

Wednesday Night? Right? And we're doing what? Again? OK

All I gota say is Blackie did it again! At NOON I get a text stating “it’s on tonight” and sure enough with a little coaching form the notorious BLACKIE I’m wandering downtown Colorado Springs drinking pictures of cheap draft beer and drunk enough to be friends with everyone that I meet in my path, pathetic, but funny nonetheless! Somehow we ended up at (and Josh P your going to love this one) the Navaho Hogon (sorry I may have spelled it wrong) for COLLEGE NIGHT!!! Oh yeah my alter ego and me left alone on the dance floor with nothing but college grils, ummm I had a good time, didn’t you Blackie?

Looks like it might be on again tonight, so I had better go ride off last night calories so I don’t start looking like a mechanic!?!?

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