Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pro Hostel

nomadic cyclist Jesse Rients Posted by Hello

Tonight my friend Jesse Rients stopped by on his nomadic venture to Nebraska or someplace like that?!?! I’m not quite sure what Nebraska has to offer a climber but Jesse’s going. If you’re ever in Colorado Springs be sure to stop by Michelle’s on Tejon and buy homemade chocolate by the piece or the pound, we did and it was oh so worth it. Now he’s all sorts of pissed because it was in the 80’s when he left Tucson this morning and now we’re showing signs of snow tonight.

I had an interesting phone conversation with a rock star of a young lady tonight when the topic of dog poopy came up and I had the immaturity of laughing about it and continuing to keep on heckling her about it for several minutes, damn I wish I didn’t have such a 12 year old mentality!!! The cool thing is that she didn’t hang up on me, hummm?

My new tools will be arriving thanks to Reese at Pro Cycling in Colorado Springs, that cat is a life saver! Thanks Reese for hooking a brother up.

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