Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I got an ass whoopin on the new moto! I cant believe how much more muscle you need to ride a motorcycle for hours on end. I mean it’s not even close to the cardio that a mountain bike can give you, but damn that 230lb trail bike after 2 hours of riding starts to tear your body apart. Don’t get me wrong I’m a 130lb scrawny little MTBer and have no upper body. Yes I chickened out of the Hare Scramble and for good reasons, I’m just to weak to ride wide open for 2-3 hours as of now, yes ever so Humbled, but I’m planning on doing my first one on May 17!

Big E Suffering at Redalnds, OUCH!!! Posted by Hello

I finally got home to ride with my favorite riding partner Kelli (Big E) Emmett today, she called me up for a 1.5-2 hour ride in the rain, 30+MPH head winds, and just plain old crappy ridding conditions. It never fails to turn into an epic with that girl, but nonetheless is was a hoot, good laughs, going down memory lane (back in 99) and other fun times!

Well just the tip of the Iceberg on this note and then more later: Those of you that where going to stop by and say “what’s ah happenin” at Sea Otter, well I’ve had a location change, yes same venue, but with a different company…Stop by LiteSpeed and see myself and the infamous Foye Troute, yes the same man as stated in the "Foye" Troute "beds I've slept in this year counter"! Should be some damn goodtimes and one hell of a trip! Foye and I havent traveled together in quite a while, so deffinantly stay tuned as I will have my camera ready for what ever comes our way! Entrigued?

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