Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bling Bling? Posted by Hello

This pic was submitted by Pimp Master D (pictured right) to tell you all that alone is actually the original gangsta. The concept of being the original gangsta traces its routes to the same concept of establishing dominance. One way of doing this is by advertising one's street cred or primacy in the wigger chain. By letting it be known that he was a gangster long before his friend, he then assumes the highest rank within the hierarchy of his particular crew (a claim further articulated by the assumption of the name "Pimp Master D"). The cell phone, pager, and rolled up pant leg (Pimp Masters don't get their legs caught in bicycle chains) tell us that he isn't lying, he's a dangerous man indeed.

And on that note check out Iced Out Gear and uhhhhhh?


Anonymous said...

I gots my eye on that "Cashville" black pimp cup. Hells yeah!-JRAD

13 said...

my belt buckle spins on shaq feet (26"). You all best step

Anonymous said...

acura new haven connecticut