Monday, July 25, 2005

“It’s been a while since my last update”???

My first line every time I start typing is… “It’s been a while since my last update” my conception of time is so skewed that I can’t remember the date, only where we are traveling to next. Well the last how ever many weeks are now in the book, last I remembered I was reroute to Angle Fire, NM on the 4th of JULY, now it’s some 20+ later and I’ve meet an abundance of new people, enjoyed the company of my old friends from all over the world, and even managed to make home alive thanks to the Bonner County Hospital in Sandpoint, ID. Yes Hospital and Billy Holmes usually don’t come up in the same sentence but I’m really grateful of the I.V. bag or all 4 that they pumped into me due to food poisoning and SEVER DEHYDRATON. NOW I’m home for 8 days and have no clue what to do with my time??? I got up a 6:00am this morning after agreeing with my internal clock to sleep in today, but that guy wasn’t listing too me!!! Damn it! What should I do today?

I love this picture! We had to stop at White Castle (WC) while in the Mid-West on the last stretch of our journey. So naturally I had to document the “late night” WC adventure. Now I’m not saying that the marketing marvels at WC had the demographics planned when making location choices but the 2 that we visited where located in what I like to call the CRACK district of town. I guess that’s how you can market ¼ of a hamburger for 50 cent, but if think about value…well that’s 2.00 for a whole hamburger and then all off a sudden they are way over priced for the other fast food chains. But apparently if your “cracked’ out at 2:00am (or in our case blitzed on red bull driving 40 hours straight) you’ll fall for the marketing ploy and all of a sudden your saying “got damn this is the best mini-burger I’ve ever tasted”!

With less than a month to go, the SSWC is well on its way!

Nothing new really to announce, just some details to clarify. So far the schedule looks like this:

- Registration @ shop 10-5pm
- Late Registration @ Big Easy 5:30 -10pm

- Rider‚s meeting @ 10am Tussey Ski area Parking lot
- Rolling start @ 10:30am
- First finishers @ 1pm
- Go-Cart qualifying @3pm
- Go-Cart finals @ 4pm
- Post Race Gathering @ Big Easy 7pm
- Awards @ Big Easy 8:30pm

Ok a sudden motivation to go running has come over my body…time to got torture myself. Take Care!

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