Thursday, July 14, 2005

Traveling the USA…

Off Choppers!

How many truck stops have I been too in the past month? Hell, I can’t remember but this picture was by far the coolest one so far. Period. The stop hade everything Swords, Mini-bikes, mini-Choppers (as seen here) you name it they had it!

I’m now nestled in Sand Point, ID for another NORBA stop. Ahhh, a few days of rest, rides, and a little work. Wed night was off the chain, once again blessed with the presence of John Dawson, Damion Smith (Yeti Mechanic) and Paul Rowney it was sure to be a good night…details? Umm naaa, just a report of having a blast with the boys here in I-Da-Hoe.

I have a semi accurate total of miles to date: 18,478
Beds I’ve slept in: 34

Off to dinner that Chris Sheppard (Haro Team Manager/Fast as Hell Racer) is making for us. Take Care!

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