Wednesday, January 18, 2006

healing up nicely

I’ve been healing up nicely and in that time I’ve been laying low thinking of something to post on this silly ass site, my thought’s where something serious and to the point, but then I decided that enough of that stuff is floating around I went into fail-safe mode and decided your read this because of my useless babble!

So my question is weighing on my heavily, and I’m going to need some help from you to figure this one out!

“Where do DUST BUNNIES come from?” I’m having a hard time figuring it out! I keep cleaning the house (destroying populations) and then a few hours later, I’ll see a rouge Dust Bunny (DB) moving across the floor with out noise, almost stealth like, as if is was hovering about the wood floors to relocate. It’s truly an eerie felling knowing that the unknown is living, breading, and playing in your house with –or- with out your presence!

I’ve decided the best form of understanding the DB is by researching what my fellow inter-web users have posted, using the most common method…duh, Google it! Yes it’s the surfer’s way, don’t know the answer? Google it. So I’ve found no sound information as the origin of the DB, but many people are plagued by the population of DB, and better yet in some cases the OVER POPULATION of unwelcome DB!

Facts about the DB:

-DB are very prolific. There is no such thing as ONE DB. Left to their own vices, DB will reproduce at alarming rates.

-DB need a quiet, dark place to make a hutch or home, under beds and dressers are the ideal spots. Don't be surprised if you catch them crawling the walls and hanging from the chandeliers (how do they do that?).

-Now that the heating season in here, make sure that you have collected your DB off of the heaters and registers. Burnt fur does not smell very good!
I need more information, so please email me if you have any input to the issue!

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