Friday, August 12, 2005

The only thing Wal-Mart is good for!

A few weeks back Mike BLACKmore a.k.a. Blackie (as pictured) and I went Dickies work short shopping. Just an FYI Wal-Mart has the cheapest Dickies work shorts, $15.92 plus TAX buys you any color, any size! Oh back to the story; so we hit the mall with a few useless expenditures (i.e. my new Puma Driving Shoes) and several panic attacks later we end up here…yes, Wal-Mart and one of your best bro's has a silly ass grin buying his first pair of work shorts at the cheapest price possible! As for you fellow travelers if your going to Australia buy as many as you can! Sell them to skate shops, auzzies will pay $100.00AUS for USA designer Dickies work shorts… you do the math, take 15 pairs over with you, sell them to a skate shop for $60.00AUS and clear about 35-40 US, that will pay for ½ your airfare!


Billy Holmes said...

I cant help but keep laughing at this picture...(insert lil jon voice) yeah yeah, OK!.

evan said...

eff this country, i'm goin' to oz!

Anonymous said...

rowney said... you guys got had.. i picked up my pairs for 11 bucks in laughalot.. i mean lafayette you fuckin maniacs..