Saturday, February 26, 2005

Let the goodtimes begin! Posted by Hello

Where in the hell am I again? Oh that's right Tucson for the 6th winter in a row! I always find a reason to come down to this winter playground (well summerish), this year it something bike related but on the other end of the spectrum from riding...I'm a team mechanic; I was under the assumption I would be able to ride my bike and live like a rock star, ha ha ha, not even remotely true! It's more like 10-16 hour days, no social life, and a pain in the ass dealing with athletes (ok I'm venting a little). I've raced as a professional cyclist for the past few years and have seen the countless hours some team mechanics have to put in so I felt ready for the task, but I'm starting to think the intervals where a bit easier, well, with cycling at least your done in a few hours then chillin' on the couch watching a good movie (i.e. RESTING). But really I'm ready to start this job and give it 100%, I have 4 athletes that are counting on me and I just cant let them down, right? Ok so your wondering well what team is it Billy? Here is the link funny the guy running the team was worried about me doing a blog on the "team" site due to logistical reasons with Ford, so fuck it I'm on this site ranting at my own pace and dropping the "F" bomb when ever I fell necessary, oh wait... I feel one coming on right now, na fuck it I don't feel like cursing like a fucking sailor! I'm off to the first NORBA National on Monday to really find out what this job has to offer, looks like rain, so I spent most of the day today getting extra mud gear ready for a 3 day stage race (slug fest) in the mud! Speaking of mud I decided to race a MTB race two weekends ago, no training...wait I've only ridden a hand full of times since October, so fuck-it I'm signed up to race in Phoenix on the rainiest day in AZ history, and me like a true idiot I bring a knife to a gun fight; yes that's right I pull up to the Pro men's race REALLY out of shape and on a RIDGED SINGLE SPEED! Now, I know this is a really dumb idea when Cody Peterson asked me if I've ever ridden the course, guess it's a little bumpy?!?! Well, 18 miles into a 24 mile mud, sweat, and lots of tears. I had something happen that has never happened before, my fore-arms cramped so bad I couldn't hold onto the bars and ended up flounder around in the mud until deciding to WALK back to the that was soo hard. This single-speed stuff is really addicting, so I'm sure I'll be back, but with a Reba! Look out for updates for the first NORBA! BH